The Flensburg Fjord and the unspoilt nature with its forests, lakes and miles of beaches are waiting directly in front of the hotel door. Whether you want to take a trip to neighbouring Denmark, a tour of Flensburg harbour on the nostalgic saloon steamer »Alexandra« or would rather be more sporty and sail, hike or cycle – in Glücksburg you can experience the incomparable and original charm of northern Germany and southern Denmark.


The tip of the Flensburg Fjord flows into the center of Germany’s northernmost city. Perched on the border between Germany and Denmark, Flensburg exudes the flair of a maritime port city. Rote Straße runs through the south of Flensburg old town. The pedestrian zone with its old merchant courtyards, restaurants, delicatessens and the rum distillery is now a popular shopping and entertainment street.


Visit the idyllic Baltic seaside resort of Glücksburg. The eponymous moated castle from the Renaissance period is among the most significant of its kind in Europe. Discover the turbulent history of the castle, which at times was the residence of the Danish Royal Family.


Unewatt has 69 inhabitants. Dedicated to communicating and preserving the region’s cultural legacy, the »living« landscape museum in Angeln is a folklore institution comprising five separate museums spread over public and private buildings in the village.


Holnis was previously an island and was connected to the mainland via a dyke. Today, the nature reserve lies 1 metre below sea level and its steep coast and salt marshes offer nesting colonies for sea birds.


The port town of Sønderborg in the south of Denmark is situated on the island of Als at the northern end of Flensburg Firth. Home to a delightful centre, a tranquil port and Sønderborg Castle, it is an inviting place to visit.

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