We will temporarily close our doors from 15.09.2024 for extensive remodelling and extension. In addition to six new guest rooms, the entire ground floor and basement is being redesigned. There are plans to extend the spa area with pool and sauna as well as an enlarged dining area. From March 2025, you will be able to enjoy the spacious feel-good ambience of the new »Alter Meierhof«.

The entrance area and reception will be given a new look, while the public areas will also be extended. The lobby bar, for example, will offer a sweeping view of the Flensburg Fjord as soon as you enter the hotel. In the restaurant Brasserie there will be more seating, and in future a French conservatory will provide the backdrop with a new beach terrace on the same level.

AM_Restaurant Brasserie Wintergarten Strandterrasse

The 2-star restaurant Meierei Dirk Luther will be moving to the former function rooms and getting its own spectacular terrace with a view of the Flensburg Fjord for fine dining in the open air. There will be a private dining area with direct access to the kitchen for exclusive bookings in a private ambience or sociable dinner events.

A new function room with a sea view terrace will offer space for up to 50 people for festive occasions in small groups.

The renovation of the Hof-Therme spa area will provide several spacious rest and relaxation areas. The centrepiece of the pool landscape will be a free-standing fireplace in the spa area. A Finnish panorama sauna with a view of the Danish coast is one of the features being added to the sauna area. Instead of a cold pool after a sauna session, the snow shower will offer a winter landscape and constant snowfall for a refreshing way to cool down. A new fitness area with access to the hotel garden rounds off the spa facilities.

AM_Restaurant Meierei Dirk Luther


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