Hamam & Rasul

hamam ceremony

The hamam ceremony is something indescribable that one must experience oneself in order to understand it.  Wrapped in a pestemal, a fine linen cloth, you enter the steam bath. Your muscles relax, your pores open, and - as warm streams of water pour from copper Ottoman bowls beneath the dome of our hamam temple - the ceremony begins. Your entire body will be gently rubbed with a raw silk glove downwhile pouring warm and cold water to keep your circulation stable. Then the washing begins, with a lather of olive oil soap. Covered in finely scented soap bubbles, as your body and hair are gently washed and cleansed, you won’t want it to end. Deeply cleansed, purified, and pleasantly exhausted, you’ll recover in a heavenly water bed reserved just for you. Enjoy your silky smooth skin surrounded by Eastern scents and sounds with an aromatic apple tea, and the feeling of pure relaxation.



rasul ceremony

The rasul ceremony unites thousand-year old knowledge about health, skincare, and beauty in a harmonious manner. The moment you sit in the steam bath, it slowly warms you, while aromatic herbal scents fill the room and lend a touch of the 1,001 nights of legend. Afterwards, you’ll smooth a purifying algae body peel or a rejuvenating papaya body peel over your entire body and massage it in gently at your own pace. As the peeling lightly dries, the ingredients will work their magic on your skin and on your senses with an indescribable, pleasant prickling feeling. When you rub and wash the peeling off afterward, it purifies and smooths the skin in a magical way. Dead skin cells are effortlessly removed, the metabolism is excited, and the circulation is stimulated.

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