Philosophy and team

The Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof is a place that touches the soul and awakens a yearning to return. Our commitment to enjoyment with all the senses is apparent in the loving attention to detail in every aspect of the hotel’s design. The Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof has a truly culinary soul. The first guests were served here at what was then a farm estate in the late 19th century. On 9 January 1990, a massive fire brought a tragic end to the farm. The historic location was reborn in 1999, when husband and wife Gerlinde and Gerd Theilen fulfilled a long-held dream and opened a hotel there. It was to be a place that offered not only the highest comfort and stylish ambience but also one that also touched body, mind and soul at once. The Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof is the culmination of that dream and those goals, with a unique spa area and an exceptional culinary experience set in the enchanting natural landscape of Flensburg Fjord. We have held true to the founding philosophy to this day. Let your senses savor a very special time. A dedicated, passionate, and authentically friendly team will devote themselves to your wellbeing. Find peace and recover from the stress of everyday life in our luxurious gem. Unforgettable moments await you.

Team at Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof

your hosts

dirk luther

Managing Director and Chef de cuisine
Tel. +49 4631 6199-500
kueche@(*** please remove ***)

uta krause-junk

Hotel Director
Tel. +49 4631 6199-400
u.krause-junk@(*** please remove ***)


Assistant to Director
Tel. +49 4631 6199-464
t.wentingmann@(*** please remove ***)

rené kern

Front Office Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-0



Kersti Nieuwenhuizen

Svea Hasenpusch

Hair Stylist
Tel. +49 4631 6199-418
derfriseur@(*** please remove ***)

melanie ingwersen

Tel. +49 4631 6199-454
spa@(*** please remove ***)

Andreas Schülke

F&B Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-494
a.schuelke@(*** please remove ***)

Michael B. Matysiak

Assistant F&B Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-410
brasserie@(*** please remove ***)


Restaurant Manager, Maître and Sommelier
Tel. +49 4631 6199-411
restaurant@(*** please remove ***)

sophie von oepen

Event Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-402
bankett@(*** please remove ***)

Michaela Uhr

Paulina Fons

Executive Housekeeper
Tel. +49 4631 6199-420
housekeeping@(*** please remove ***)

michael bach

Director of Sales & Marketing
Tel. +49 4631 6199-401
m.bach@(*** please remove ***)

denise krugmann

Back of House Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-333
d.krugmann@(*** please remove ***)