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SINCE 1820

The Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof has a culinary soul. On the todays property of the former manor in Glücksburg, guests were hosted for the first time in the late 19th century. On 09.01.1990, a massive fire brought a tragic end to the farm. The historic location was reborn in 1999, when husband and wife Gerlinde & Gerd Theilen fulfilled a long-held dream and opened a hotel there. It was to be a place that offered not only the highest comfort and stylish ambience but also one that also touched body, mind and soul at once.

This is how the Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof came into being, with a unique spa area and an exceptional culinary experience set in the enchanting natural landscape of the Flensburg Fjord.

Dirk Luther

Managing Director & Culinary Director
Tel. +49 4631 6199-500

Uta Krause-Junk

Tel. +49 4631 6199-400

Anne Lohse

Assistant to Management
Tel. +49 4631 6199-500

René Kern

Front Office Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-0

Doreen Buchta

Assistant Front Office Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-410

Ragna Lembke

Reservations Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-403

Kim Christin Gill

Tel. +49 4631 6199-433

Melanie Ingwersen

Tel. +49 4631 6199-454

Andreas Schülke

F&B Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-494

Sebastian Buchta

Head Chef
Tel. +49 4631 6199-413

Martin Kammann

Martin Kammann

Restaurant Manager & Sommelier Meierei Dirk Luhter
Tel. +49 4631 6199-411

Jan Alexander Thiemann

Assistant Restaurant Manager Brasserie
Tel. +49 4631 6199-410

Lukas Lohse

Assistant Restaurant Manager Meierei Dirk Luther
Tel. +49 4631 6199-411

Roswita Koye

Breakfast Chef
Tel. +49 4631 6199-410

Paulina Fons

Tel. +49 4631 6199-420

Magdalena Adler

Assistant Housekeeper
Tel. +49 4631 6199-420

Michael Bach

Director of Sales & Marketing
Tel. +49 4631 6199-401

Svenja Potratz

Event Manager
Tel. +49 4631 6199-402

Melanie Johannsen

Tel. +49 4631 6199-555

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