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at Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof

If you share our passion and enthusiasm for the hospitality industry, pride yourself on your friendly and respectful demeanor, enjoy working as part of a dynamic team, and would like the freedom and opportunity to grow and develop, then the prefect career is waiting for you at the Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof.

We offer you

  • An informal, welcoming work environment
  • Various creative opportunities and opportunities to work independently
  • Very good development prospects within a motivated team
  • Bonus scheme »Staff recruiting staff«
  • An attractive location and workplace on the Flensburg Fjord, with an ideal work-life balance
  • Free use of the SPA area for you and a companion
  • Wellness treatments and salon haircuts at discounted rates
  • Overnight stays at discounted rates (for family, friends or for yourself)
  • Meals in the restaurants at discounted rates
  • Purchase of SPA and F&B products, and flowers from the florist, at discounted rates
  • Staff e-bikes leased at attractive rates
  • Attractive rates for overnight stays in affiliated hotels in city/holiday settings

Current job openings

In order to offer our guests the best possible service, we are seeking competent, dedicated employees.

We look forward receiving your application and inform you about our data protection according to Art. 13 GDPR as well as further processing of your data within the application process. You will also find our job openings at Hotelcareer.


  • Alter Meierhof - 27.06.2018 - Foto Marcus Dewanger

    Elza Maria Mählitz

    For over 20 years, Elza has been one of the big pillars at the hotel. She traded sunny Salvador on the Atlantic coast in South America for the love of her life and moved to rainy Germany in 2001. Her Brazilian temperament and her always good mood are contagious. Rhythm is in her blood and in her legs. At our staff parties, she is always the first on the dance floor.

  • Buchta

    Doreen & Sebastian Buchta

    The world is big, the world is beautiful. The Flensburg Fjord is more beautiful. At least that’s what Doreen and Sebastian thought when they first came to the Alter Meierhof over 10 years ago. Both had previously stayed in 5-star hotels in Switzerland and France, but this tranquil piece of land became the anchor for the Buchta family. They want their 3 children to grow up in an intact environment and a home surrounded by greenery. Doreen is hostess at the hotel reception and Sebastian is Chef de Cuisine.

  • Iingwersen

    Melanie Klenke

    Melanie’s family has lived here for four generations and came to the Flensborg from the Kingdom of Denmark. 15 years ago she applied for a job at the Alter Meierhof and today she manages the entire SPA department with more than 20 employees. Melanie loves nature and sometimes she changes flip-flops and the beach for mountain boots and extensive hiking tours in Madeira.

  • Samir Salifur

    Samir is man of the first hour on deck and truly an institution. Coming from the Dorfkrug in Kampen, he hired on over 20 years ago and knows the Meierhof from the ground up. Since the hotel opened, he has pampered his guests every morning at breakfast for a perfect start to the day. Only once a year does he put pallet and pan aside and fly to his dear family in Accra on the Atlantic coast for 4 weeks. After all, his 4 children also insist on being served the world’s best omelets.

  • Kern Kundakci

    René Kern & Ahmet Kundakci

    Those who arrive at the Vitalhotel Alter Meierhof as guests are warmly welcomed by René and Ahmet. Together with the reception team, they are responsible for making guests feel at home in the hotel from the very first moment.

    If the hit movie “For love or money” is remade, the lead role will be tailor-made for René. In his dream job, he manages to discreetly fulfill almost every guest request with his warm and courteous manner. After well-known stations and great hotel legends abroad, the Cologne native has moved to the Fjord.

    Ahmet has been a true Flensburg native since 1996 and has been a passionate host at the Alter Meierhof for 15 years. No one knows our guests and their preferences better than he does. He has trained his remarkable memory for names for years. Even as a child, he always had to do the family shopping for his 11 brothers and sisters.

  • Kandij

    Youssovpha Kandji

    Youssovpha is master of plates, cups and pots. The father of two children previously worked in the kitchen of the Sansibar on the island of Sylt before coming to the Alter Meierhof more than 15 years ago. Youssovpha is actually a professional tailor. But today only good friends come into the favor of his haute couture arts. For this, he takes his sewing machine out of the basement and makes individual one-of-a-kind pieces, from dress shirts to evening gowns.

  • Kemal Boncuk

    Mustafa Kemal Boncuk

    In Mustafa Kemal Boncuk’s family, the hamam tradition is deeply rooted. As a young man, he apprenticed with his uncle, a well-known tellak (hamam master) in Turkey. And now he has been passing on this tradition to his guests for 30 years. For the family man, passing on the oriental tradition and the internal and external cleansing of the body are particularly important.

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